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kilroy was here
girl, you have no faith in medici
but the more wealth it becomes, the more corruption become, the more people become vicious and yeah we could achieve peace for the purpose of achieving peace that we all turn and war against each other individuals, not taking sides, but vehemently and viciously attacking one another, lovers, friends and everything without any consideration, ... turning into a cannibalistic society.
the thing about know what your doing, is your doing what you already know, and thats not very intresting
angry wingspan
he yabhanaghana! yabha tvam!!
ian is the sexitiest mofo on this planet
if a dog can dream, should it be impossible that man might supervise the construction of light?
What the fuck does that mean?
Vanum est temporis tamen cunctum cretum....
Oh, and further on that thought: Your influence on time is nothing more than a grain of sand cast upon a turbulent sea.
i googled cool pictures from the no future concert thanks orlando
long live east croydon
to cross the road. do die. alone. in the mud. mmmm mud. --honorary sp
What next, guys?
more acoustic guitar and piano!!!!!!! distance is getting some new lyrics
Acme Demolition, Inc.
i'm stuck in folsom prison and time keeps dragging on
والا پیامدار محمد
گفتی‌ که یک دیار هر گز به ظلم و جور نمیماند بر پا و استوار
time machine
i piss on this wall -np