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27 December :: And a Happy New Year
Sculpted Static announces their lineup for 2002: Alex Ashot on guitar and vocals, Steven Chow on keyboard and vocals, Arta Khakpour on guitar, and Mark Williams on guitar and vocals. The group is now back in the studios to work on their latest projects!

12 November :: For love alone
Sculpted Static releases "UFO," a song about a farmer who watches a spaceship land in the middle of his cornfield and meets an alien who tells him the meaning of life.

26 October :: Good review for UFO
Roger Tang, the jazz director for the world-renowned WQHS (University of Pennsylvania), said, "The instruments are well-played... [the song] might drag on too long but it's well crafted." In general, he liked the track, and added, "This is some good, tasty shit." Thanks, Roger! UFO will be released on this web site in November.

9 October :: I see a spaceship heading my way...
Sculpted Static is now recording their next song, currently titled, "UFO". It will have Steven on vocals and keyboard, and Arta and Mark on guitars.

16 August :: Banseok's name is finally on the site
"Narc" is released! New member Alex Ashot sings and guest Banseok Kwon plays the saxophone. Arta and Steven are going away to college, but Sculpted Static will record again during the winter and summer breaks.

9 August :: We're better than Hendrix
"Paratrooper", an anti-Vietnam song written and recorded in 2001, is now available for download. It features Arta on loud, distorted guitar and Steven on lead vocals. Thanks to Raymond Dang who designed the cover art.

2 August :: Paying tribute to Radiohead
Sculpted Static releases "Lost Child", an original song in the style of Radiohead with Mark on lead vocals.

18 July :: Two songs on one single!
"Picture On My Wall" is released, with a cover of The Beatles' "Yesterday" on the B-side. Steven sings, and Arta records with his digital effects unit for the first time.

14 June :: We read Dr. Seuss in AP Economics
Sculpted Static releases their third single, "The Lorax". Verónica is on lead vocals and Arta and Mark play a crazy guitar solo. Get it!

14 May :: Sculpted Static debut with Heart of Darkness and Einsamkeit
Download "Einsamkeit," a four-minute German rock/rap song featuring Robert on vocals and Steven and Arta on instrumentation. And don't forget to listen to "Heart of Darkness," our 19-minute rock opera based on Joseph Conrad's novel.