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31 December :: Band update
Sculpted Static is back in the studio to record some new songs. Mark's been coming up with some great melodies. Hopefully we will release a new song or two on the Internet soon.

Meanwhile, you can also look forward to some music videos from the Sunny Ash album. We just finished shooting a video for "Distance" - and if Alan can pull it off, it'll be really bizarre with bobbleheads and hula dancers coming to life. Alan is also planning to make videos for "Neanderthal" (with claymation versions of our distant cousins!) and "Haste" (some retro/sci-fi thing). As you may know, this up-and-coming filmmaker produced an excellent video for "Apart" (this video can be found on the Sunny Ash CD) and we are grateful for his efforts and continuing support of our music.

You can still order Sunny Ash by e-mailing us. It's $7, but you can preview some of the tracks on our mp3 downloads page at our Soundclick page. (Note: as of 2013, it is now available on our Bandcamp page) The Sunny Ash CD also features the "Apart" music video on QuickTime and AVI formats.

15 August :: Sunny Ash released
Sunny Ash has arrived and is now available from the band member that you know. You may also order it by e-mailing us. Thank you for listening, and rock the box.

7 August :: New album info
We have finished recording our new album, Sunny Ash. The track listing is: 1. Lucy, 2. Distance, 3. Not Enough, 4. Apart, 5. Follow The, 6. Haste, 7. Neanderthal, 8. Salvo Social, 9. Nothing, 10. Thank You, 11. Refrain. The release date has yet to be determined.

13 July :: No Future gig
Thank you for coming to our concert! And special thanks to No Future Cafe for having us play there! We are encouraged by your support and we hope to play again soon. Also, thanks to Tristan Norton who played bass on some of the songs. Here is the setlist: 1. Salvo Social, 2. Distance, 3. Agoraphobia, 4. Star Ferry, 5. Refrain, 6. UFO, 7. Apart, 8. Telegraph Avenue, 9. Not Enough, 10. Mad Men, 11. Neanderthal.

8 July :: We are playing at No Future!
Our first public performance! Here is the event info:

8:00 PM Saturday, July 12, 2003
No Future Cafe
1500 E. Walnut St., Pasadena, CA 91106. $4 cover charge.

We hope to see you there.

6 June :: Take Out
This is our "can't-wait-for-Mark-and-Ian" track, featuring only Andy and Steven playing over a drum machine. Hey, it's lo-fi indie rock. "Take Out" is not really a completely new song, anyway. It is an improvement of "Sticks And Stones," both musically and lyrically, and now it sounds even more like The Strokes. Sorry for the lack of our traditional Roger quote - he hasn't heard it yet.

17 May :: Molly Says Yes
Steven and his housemate Bojana Skarich formed a band called Molly Says Yes and played a concert at Stebbins Hall. Here is the setlist: 1. Electioneering, 2. Hotel Yorba. 3. Where Is My Mind?, 4. I Think I Smell A Rat, 5. Not Enough, 6. Who's Got The Crack, 7. In The Cold Cold Night, 8. Fake Plastic Trees, 9. High And Dry, 10. Dreams (false starts), 11. House Of The Rising Sun, 12. Apart, 13. Telegraph Avenue, 14. Nice Dream, 15. Norwegian Wood, 16. Seeing Other People, 17. Curb Crawling, 18. Let It Be, 19. Sean's jam, 20. Twist And Shout.

26 March :: New website

24 March :: "Telegraph Avenue" gets played
Roger played the remix of "Telegraph Avenue" on WQHS. Thank you, Roger! Now we can claim that Sculpted Static has been played on radio stations from coast-to-coast. Yes!

6 February :: Not Enough
Regarding our latest song, Roger from WQHS (University of Pennsylvania) said, "Hmmm... it's a faster, punkier song... it courses with garage rock rhythmic intensity."

4 January :: Our concert
Thank you for coming to our concert in Steven's garage. Here is the setlist: 1. You're Pretty Good Looking, 2. Fell In Love With A Girl, 3. Apart, 4. Star Ferry, 5. Where Is My Mind?, 6. Gigantic, 7. UFO, 8. Telegraph Avenue, 9. Mad Men, 10. Maritime Blues, 11. Not Enough, 12. Strike, 13. Sunshine Of Your Love, 14. Don't Let Me Down, 15. Sticks And Stones, 16. Chasing Heather Crazy, 17. Glad Girls, 18. Is This It?, 19. New York City Cops, 20. Narc, 21. Neanderthal, 22. All Apologies, 23. Agoraphobia, 24. Fake Plastic Trees, 25. High And Dry, 26. Karma Police, 27. Neon Phosphor, 28. Astronomy Domine.