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22 December :: The death of Sculpted Static

And so, after four years and two albums, it has come to an end. All the former members of Sculpted Static have now formed a new band called The Tonics. Their debut album is due Spring 2005 and will contain some original songs and some Sculpted Static covers.

3 November :: Bush wins

...ensuring another four years of angry, depressing, apocalyptic and frustrated music from this band and many others.

We will be recording this winter break. Our goal is to finish a new album.

30 August :: Big day for releases

You can now listen to "Opium" and "You're only human (do you know what you're doing)" on our site. There's one more in the pipeline: a Pixies-ish pop song with Elisa Morimoto on lead vocals. We should be getting that out this winter break, when Ian has his drums again. Oh, by the way, we decided not to release "No Logo" because it is pretty crap compared to our other new songs. Something to do with the sound quality, the songwriting, and that I hate my voice on it. "Cube" will also remain unreleased. It's simply not living up to the vision we had for it. Some of it's good and might be recycled.

18 June :: Shooting for fall release

This will probably be the last news item until late-August, because I'm going away to England for eight weeks. When I come back, I'll start doing the final mixdowns of everything. Thank you for your patience, and have a great summer!

12 June :: More on the new songs
It looks like we are going back to the lavishly produced sound of older (Sunny Ash-era) Sculpted Static. Trying hard not to turn things into a Phil Spector/wall-of-sound mush. We've been working on a song called "Opium," which includes, of all things, an accordion solo played by me. "Cube" is sort of stuck on the assembly line, because we are not happy with the second half. I hope we don't leave it unfinished, and we probably won't, because we've recorded most of the instruments already and the first part of the vocals is quite spectacular. "No Logo" is the likely flagship of this series of songs... it's radio friendly and has a singalong chorus. "Pearly*" is almost finished, but since it's a cover, we probably have to host the .mp3 ourselves.

We are working on even more song ideas: top of the list is the revival of "ProgK", which we've always wanted to do but somehow never got around to.

Mark's writing a new song but we'll see if we can fit it into our recording schedule this summer.

Finally, check out our listing and Mark's wit on

8 June :: "Distance" screening announcement

Excerpt from Alan's e-mail: "Those of us in Idiot Cult Productions fledgling film unit have been plugging away on several films for two and a half years now, and we finally have something to show for it: one 35-minute short omnibus film called 'Adam&Eve Cycle' and a trippy music video called 'Distance,' set to Sculpted Static's excellent song by the same name.

"And we'll be screening both of them this Saturday night! This will be a private first screening of our work for you guys--the Distance video at least will be sent off to festivals--so it's an exclusive look at our first batch of completed work (soon to be followed by a feature-length film, a documentary, and several more videos)."

E-mail us if you want more information.

4 June :: Distance video
Alan Lawrence, who made the "Apart" music video, is currently finishing up a really cool video for "Distance." A lot of dancing and special effects. All four of us made cameo appearances, too.

We started recording the cube song yesterday. It's our latest "Radiohead" song and this time we are borrowing from the Bends/ OK Computer era. We've got Andy's guitar parts pretty much down--next up will be the vocals, bass and lead guitar.

1 June :: Summer update

We are working on some new songs and a cover of "Pearly*" by Radiohead! Andy and I listened to some rough mixes today and I think they're going to sound great. One of the songs is inspired by the book No Logo by Naomi Klein (great book--please read it). The song has about the same feel as "Lucy," with the bigger production and all, maybe more dynamics. Today we came up with a great chord progression for another new song that we dedicate to the cube! What's that? Only the tallest building for miles around (it's that sinister-looking building on the Sunny Ash cover). Anyway... so Mark's not in town, but I hope he can still record with us via the Internet. I will provide more updates on this news page as we continue to work on these projects. -sc

27 April :: Brainwash Cafe
Steven accompanied Cassie Marie of Parting Glance on a short acoustic set at the Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco. He played the flute.

13 April :: Band update
Steven's teaching and dabbling in a side-project at his commune. Haven't heard much from the rest of the band, but I'm sure they're all enjoying their holiday from Sculpted Static. Ian's probably busy with Triple Threat and other bands in South Pasadena.

Looking forward to a web site redesign. New songs will not happen for a while, but when the new site comes up we might decorate it with some previously unheard sound clips. Stay tuned.

13 January :: 'Sad' and 'Portrait' released
We hope you enjoy the three songs that we produced during the winter break. They are all found at our Soundclick page. E-mail us if you want these songs on CD.

12 January :: Save the Day
This is the first of three new songs to be released this week. Go to our Soundclick page to listen.