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24 November :: Agatha, Agatha...
Our next song is called "Curb Crawling." Roger said, "I think this is one of your best songs. I especially like the instrumental break. It also has a very elegant and graceful melody - a yearning melody that shines like the first rays of light on an autumn Saturday morning."

27 October :: "Apart"
Our regular reviewer, Roger Tang of WQHS (University of Pennsylvania), has this to say about "Apart": "It lingers and nestles in the ear...the melody will not come apart from your mind for a long time. It has a very leisurely melody - nice vocals from Mark. [The harmony] was very subtle and haunting."

24 October :: "Sticks And Stones" releases this week
"A brief swirling dash of melodic wooziness," mused Roger, after hearing our new song. "It's one of your rare straightforward pop songs. A welcome return to that sound."

14 October :: Roger on our new song "Neanderthal"
We released "Neanderthal" last week. You can download it on our page. Here's what Roger said about it: "It is ominously forceful... a quietly savage new sound for Sculpted Static. I think I may have used such terms before." Later, he added, "There may be Queens of the Stone Age, but Sculpted Static are the kings of the Stone Age."

22 September :: "Union Jack" and other things
Sculpted Static is back in school, but as they showed last year, that shouldn't affect their flow of creative output at all. They're really into the indie rock movement these days, and their new upbeat rock song, currently titled "Sticks And Stones," seems to be heavily influenced by other emerging bands like The Strokes. It's still being mixed, though, so be patient. In the meantime...

"Union Jack," one of the last songs recorded during the summer, is now available on the page. It features the female vocal talents of Kris Tung.

11 August :: Sculpted Static performs
We would like to thank Nicole Adelstein for having us play at her party. And thank you everyone who came today. Here is the setlist: 1. I Saw Her Standing There, 2. Narc, 3. Last Sun, 4. Star Ferry, 5. Agoraphobia, 6. Maritime Blues, 7. Telegraph Avenue, 8. People Are Strange, 9. Don't Let Me Down, 10. Imagine, 11. Norwegian Wood, 12. I Want To Hold Your Hand, 13. Last Nite, 14. Hard To Explain, 15. Creep, 16. Karma Police, 17. Summertime Blues, 18. Mad Men, 19. UFO, 20. Sunshine Of Your Love, 21. Game Of Pricks, 22. My Generation, 23. Lorem Ipsum, 24. Astronomy Domine, 25. Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)

23 July :: Sound Check is released
Sculpted Static has released their first album, Sound Check. The price for a copy is $7.00. The track listing is as follows:

1 Narc
3 Last Sun
4 Telegraph Avenue
5 Star Ferry
6 Agoraphobia
7 Neon Phosphor
8 Mad Men
9 Maritime Blues
10 Strike
11 Marbles

"Agoraphobia," "Neon Phosphor," "Marbles" and "Strike" are completely new songs recorded for the album. The old favorites "Narc," "UFO" and "Star Ferry" feature some recent modifications by the band.

17 June :: Static at the Pic
Steven rocked the Piccadilly Pub in Vancouver, BC on Monday night. He performed "Judy And The Dream Of Horses" and "Be-Bop-A-Lula." This is not a surprise, as these are the only two songs he can play well on the guitar. Steven also accompanied Kris Tung of Vancouver on her performance of an original composition called "Union Jack."

6 June :: Ian Asbjornsen joins the band
Sculpted Static is pleased to announce that the impressive Ian Asbjornsen has joined as the drummer. The lineup is now complete and we are ready to rock.

8 May :: Upper Sproul rocks again
Steven performed Belle and Sebastian's "Judy And The Dream Of Horses" and the classic 1960s hit "Money (That's What I Want)."

6 May :: Sculpted Static heard on KALX!
"UFO" and "Telegraph Avenue" were played on KALX 90.7 FM (Berkeley)'s The Next Big Thing, hosted by Marshall Stax. Did you miss it? Not to worry. Here is a transcript of that part of the show:

Marshall Stax: "Next up is Sculpted Static. They're from South Pasadena. Sculpted Static, South Pasadena. We're going to hear a couple of things from them. One is called 'UFO' and one of them is called 'Telegraph Avenue.' One of the people in the band is a UC student. He'll be here till the end of the month and he was involved with writing the song, so he knows about Telegraph Avenue and here we go. Sculpted Static now in Pasadena with 'UFO' and 'Telegraph Avenue.'"

["UFO" and "Telegraph Avenue" are played]

MS: "All right, there you go. How about that, eh? That was Sculpted Static right there. They're from South Pasadena, and we heard just now 'Telegraph Avenue' and 'UFO' before that from Sculpted Static. They have a web page that you can check out, which is 'www.sculpted' (s-c-u-l-p-t-e-d) and the word 'static,' ',' but there's a local phone number you can call because one of the people in the band (I think he's the keyboard player) is going to UC Berkeley here until the end of May, so if you want to call locally, Sculpted Static, there's a local number for you. It's (510) 548-5051, and that's till the end of May. (510) 548-5051. And that's the band Sculpted Static. Basically they're from South Pasadena, but they're also from here - for a little while, to the end of May, anyway. One of them is."

1 May :: Steven's second Sproul performance
Today, Steven performed Gene Vincent's "Be-Bop-A-Lula."

28 April :: Huge gig for Steven on his keyboard
Steven played at the People's Park anniversary festival today. During two separate performances, he played: "Overture/1921/Amazing Journey," "Don't Let Me Down," "Something," "Yesterday," "Good Day Sunshine," "Be-Bop-A-Lula," "Boris The Spider," "Happy Jack," "Money (That's What I Want)," "Let It Be," "UFO," "My Generation," "Summertime Blues," "Riders On The Storm," "Norwegian Wood," "A Quick One (While He's Away)" and "Hey Jude" as the finale. Thanks to all who came out.

19 April :: Roger reviews upcoming song "Goodwife Drew"
"'Goodwife Drew' is creeping death... ominous and heavy. It's nothing like your other songs."

14 April :: Roger reviews upcoming song "Last Sun"
"It was more mellow, like your last song, I think. Nice melody. I like the rhythm. Good bass/drums."

20 March :: Open mic appearance!
Armed with a borrowed acoustic guitar, Steven performed "My Generation" on Upper Sproul at UC Berkeley.

13 March :: Web site improvements
We got our own domain name, so now you can access this site through "". Also, most of our songs are now on the reliable servers of Enjoy these changes!

3 March :: Berkeley inspires two songs
More stuff for you Sculpted Static fans to add to your playlists: "Telegraph Avenue" and "Spare Change," both written by Steven. Listen for Arta's crazy e-bow guitar tracks.

20 February :: Roger reviews upcoming songs
Roger Tang of WQHS (University of Pennsylvania) said, "'Telegraph Avenue' sounds like your psychedelic stuff: trippy, nostalgic and wistful. I do not possess enough adjectives to describe the majesty of 'Telegraph Avenue.'

"'Spare Change' sounds loungy, interesting and ominous. To sum it up, very weird. What were you guys smoking when you made this and where can I get some?"

20 January :: Hop aboard the Star Ferry
The Who had the Magic Bus. The Beatles had... another magic bus. Sculpted Static has a better idea: the Star Ferry that will send you on a psychedelic voyage through the sky.

12 January :: Live at Cambridge Court
Sculpted Static performed 14 songs on the 12th! Thank you to all who attended. Those who didn't may hear the recording. Photos and sound clips to be posted soon.

6 January :: Concert on the 12th!
The band will perform for the first time on Saturday, January 12 at 4:00pm in Steven's living room. Rehearsals are now taking place.